Tammy’s Totes

I have a sweet friend who is very thoughtful.  When she finds out that someone is sick or in the hospital, they receive a special gift of a Tammy Tote.  Tammy shops around for great bargains to find items for in the totes.  She always puts in a blanket (even if it’s summertime, a blanket feels good when you’re sick),  some type of word puzzle, such as word search or crossword puzzle,  candy, tissues,  pencils, etc.   Each tote is different and is specific to a male or female, adult or child.  The items are very nice, but what makes it special, is the love that she puts into it.  Even though you don’t really want to receive a tote, as it means you are sick or in the hospital, secretly, all her friends still want to get one 🙂  I wanted to pass on her thoughtfulness to others, as it’s a simple and inexpensive way to cheer someone up.

Tammy gave me a really cute idea one time when we traveled together.   She pulled out a plastic pencil box (she bought hers at Wal-Mart during back to school clearance time) for $.50 and when she opened it, saw that’s where she kept her jewelry.  Another pencil box had a nice amount of wrapped chocolate in it!  She mentioned that the boxes were cheap and kept her jewelry from tangling and also kept the chocolate from breaking in her suitcase, very cleaver!

Of course, when I went to get some, they only had index card boxes left, so I bought some of them.  I can certainly use them for candy!  Also, the pencil boxes are nice to put in the Tammy Totes (listed above), as they would be great for the pencils to work the word finds or for the wrapped candy.

p.s. – I have yet to receive a Tammy Tote, so I guess that’s good news 🙂


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