Thrift Tips

I absolutely love shopping at thrift stores, who doesn’t?  It’s not a new concept, but I wanted to share some of my favorites.   Here are my ‘Thrift Tips’ from local establishments.  After several years and a lot of time shopping and comparing, I have these tips for finding specific items.

Glassware:  The Volunteers of America on the Carlisle Pike (675 Silver Spring Road, Mechanicsburg) has a great selection of glassware.  I needed some salad bowls for a dinner and found 8 matching clear glass bowls.  It’s also a great place to find drinking glasses and stemware.  There is usually a lot to choose from and if you go on Tuesday, it’s ½ price day, which is a bonus!

Books:  The best place to find books is at the Salvation Army (3901 East Trindle Road, Camp Hill).  They have a great selection and are categorized, which is really nice.  I especially like the religious section, as I was able to find hardcover Purpose Driven Life books that I was using for a Bible study.

Clothing (Thrift):  If you are looking for cheap clothing for a trip, workout, or to make something with them, go to the Goodwill Outlet on Cameron Street (627 N. Cameron Street, Harrisburg).  Every piece of clothing is $.85 at the Outlet, which is behind the retail part of the store.  It’s a large room with wooden bins and each bin contains all types of clothing.  It’s not sorted, so it’s quite a treat to look for bargains!  I have found brand new items with tags on them, including coats, dresses, shirts, pants, etc., and paid $.85 for each item.  They refill the bins every morning, so it’s best to get there early and start the hunt!  You can buy housewares, furniture and shoes at the Outlet also.  They have a different price, but still very inexpensive.  My other favorite place to buy clothing is the Goodwill on the Carlisle Pike (4880 Carlisle Pike, Mechanicsburg).  It’s not a large store, but a very nice selection.  The store is always neat and it’s easy to find what you are looking for.  The staff is extremely friendly and helpful.  It’s always an enjoyable shopping experience and I never leave empty handed.

Clothing (Consignment):  My favorite consignment store is Hello Gorgeous Consignment Boutique in Camp Hill (3730 Market Street, Camp Hill).  Any time I have needed a dress for a special occasion, I have been able to find one (or two) at Hello Gorgeous.  When you walk into the store, you get a ‘hello gorgeous’ greeting from the staff, which just puts a smile on your face.  The clothing is new or gently used, and very reasonably priced.  You can find shoes, handbags, jewelry, housewares and more, including brand new items.  The atmosphere is very friendly and comfortable, just a fun place to shop.  They also have the Third Thursday Wine Down where you can enjoy a glass of wine, snacks and special sale prices.  Fun night out with the girls!

Furniture:  Another nice consignment store is Making Sense on the Carlisle Pike (4947 Carlisle Pike).  The owners of the store are very nice and very helpful.  I only consigned there one time, but the process was extremely simple.  The clothing is displayed very nice and they have a large selection of housewares and furniture.  I have not purchased any furniture, mostly clothing, but they have a large store, so they have room for a good bit of furniture.